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Services & Rate

Walking Options
Full Time: 5 days a week
Part Time: 3-4 days a week



$50/All Day Play

Pawsitively Marvelous stresses the importance of daily walks with a 3 day minimum for our service. It is crucial that a dog becomes a good member of its pack, and only walking twice a week makes it difficult for a dog to do so. In working with small dogs, keeping pack cohesion is essential to aid in the safety of the group. When keeping the dogs together for at least 3 days a week, the pack will be more secure in its surroundings and be less likely to startle in the presence of larger, rambunctious dogs. Pawsitively Marvelous puts needed emphasis on the packs having a great time while staying safe!

Private Walks 

Private walks are limited and the walk will be only 30 minutes and on-leash. For more details regarding private walks, please contact Pawsitively Marvelous at 415.562.PAWS (7297).

Boarding Options

Pawsitively Marvelous is no longer accepting boarding clients that are not already established within our services.


$60 per dog/per night
$65 per dog/per weekend nights (Fri.-Sun.) and holidays

Your dog gets several walks a day with fellow pack members, play-dates, and routine potty breaks.  Pawsitively Marvelous will provide the blankets, the toys, the hugs, and the love; you provide the food and any other necessities to make your dogs stay as easy as possible.  Your dog will get the comfort of home while staying at mine!

Space is limited, so plan ahead and make your reservation for the holidays!